2016 Columbus, OH "Your Mind Is Amazing: Hypnosis and the Power of the Subconscious"

Date & Time: Monday, January 4, 2016, 6:30-8:30pm
Location: Columbus Metropolitan Library, Hilliard Branch, 4772 Cemetery Rd, Hilliard, OH

Join hypnotist Jeffrey Richards and the Columbus Hypnotherapy Meetup as we explore how you can use hypnosis to use your amazing mind to the fullest.

You will discover…

• that hypnosis is an everyday phenomena that happens to most people every day.
• how celebrities and world-class athletes use hypnosis as a secret to their success…and you can too!
• the history of hypnosis (it’s been around for longer than you might think)
• what you can do with hypnosis to feel better, do better, and be better in your own life.

Following the presentation, Mr. Richards will be conducting a brief demonstration of group hypnosis for all who wish to participate.

This presentation is without charge and is open to the public.

The sponsor for the evening is the Columbus Hypnotherapy Meetup (Stacy Coil, organizer).

To learn more, contact Jeff Richards at 614-580-2661.

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