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The Instructions MUST be followed as listed below!!!

If you are planning to have a World Hypnotism Day event in your area, you can list it here free. Please read the posting instructions carefully so your event gets listed properly.

1) Click the link below (scroll down) to register on this blog, you will then be given posting rights to this site.

2) After registering, click the “Login” link at the right to log into the posting area.

3) Create a post about your event under this year’s category. Be very descriptive but please.      NO advertising.


NOTE: It is important that the title of your post includes:
* The year
* Your city
* State (or country if outside the US)
* And
a short title for your event.

This is how most people in your area will find you, by searching for their location.

PLEASE be sure to follow the above instructions for your post to be approved.

Example Post Title: 2016 Boston MA Hypnosis Open House


 Very Important : Please Read
This new blog format will help people find your events even if they have never heard of World Hypnotism Day. Most events, at some point, will get indexed by Google and other major search engines. People searching Google for “hypnosis in Boston MA” may very well find your event in the search listings. So, please follow the example above so your title will make sense.

We reserve the right to edit events and titles as necessary.

All posts will be moderated. It may take several days for your post to appear. Please only post an event once.

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