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World Hypnotism Day was created for the profession of hypnotism. It is not an organizational event, it is for all groups and organizations to support and in which to participate. The more we gather and spread the word of the truth and benefits of the timeless process of hypnosis, the sooner more people will seek our services and receive the benefits we provide.

Since it’s conception in 2005, hypnotism professionals in 22 countries have participated in supporting World Hypnotism Day. This is where WHD participating hypnotists have the opportunity to share their thoughts, ideas and experiences for the world to see. Without the efforts and contributions of everyone supporting World Hypnotism Day since 2005 and each continuing year, it would only be a great idea. Thank you to everyone for making WHD a reality.

Tom Nicoli, BCH, CI
WHD Creator & Chairman

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  1. There are many people to thank for their continued support but a big thank you must be given to Dr. Dwight Damon and the National Guild of Hypnotists for being such a leading supporter of World Hypnotism Day from day one. Thank you NGH staff and everyone involved.

  2. I am proud to not only be the Chairman of World Hypnotism Day but an active participant in educating and enlightening more people about how hypnosis is the safe, natural and effective process for personal change. People once believed the Earth was flat but a belief isn’t a fact. Once the facts are understood then people will have proper beliefs.

    I anticipate January 4th being as well known as WHD as any other event during the year.

    Tom Nicoli, BCH, CI

  3. Thank you Tom Nicoli for your outstanding leadership in having the World Hypnotism Day lauded.
    We hypnotists are doing something beautifully beneficial for improving quality of life by so many, and it’s worth noticing.
    Ivona Zager, M.A., C.I.

  4. World Hypnotism Day is more important than people have yet to realize. Imagine when it was the thng to do and expose the harmful effects of cigarettes.. then the Great American Smokeout came about. That alone has saved many lives and increased general health with so many people ending their smoking habit.

    However, every person that exists can benefit from hypnotherapy / hypnosis sessions for some sort of personal improvement. Let’s do all we can to no longer keep what we do as the Best Kept Secret but an acceptable lifestyle change.

  5. From Wendy Packer: As the Northeast Regional Lead of WHD I urge all hypnotists to take this opportunity and inform the public regarding this safe, natural and effective modality.

    January 4, 2010, the 6th WHD is the ideal platform to be the “expert” in your area. Tom Nicoli has given us a “gift on a silver platter”.

    Thanks Tom for all that you do regarding hypnotism, hypnotists and all individuals who transform their lives. Wendy Packer R.N., CH, CI

  6. Thanks to Tom’s ongoing leadership, World Hypnotism Day has become a tradition for honoring clients, friends and family, as well as newcomers at the Self Center in Winchester, MA. For some, having already experienced the benefits of Self-Hypnosis, it is a wonderful time for celebration in achieving their ideal in mind, body and spirit and maintaining it. For others, it is the hope of new beginnings in reclaiming their sense of self, once again, as they enjoy a group session to clear, tune-up and recharge.. “As the winds of change swirl through all corners of their minds… Clearing away the old…..Bringing in the new” for whatever the personal goal may be. Knowing that the mind is the most powerful “tool” we will every own, in using Self-Hypnosis, we learn how to harness this power and feel transformed! Thanks, Tom, transformed indeed.
    Pearlan Feeney-Grater, M. S., CH

  7. Tom, Your dedication and leadership has benefitted us all by helping to spread the word that hypnotism is a powerful. viable tool that all should consider when in need of change… emotionally, physically, mentally. This brand-new 5000 year old tool is here to stay. George Guarino, CH Albany, NY HypnosisWorksWell.com

  8. 2011 World Hypnotism Day!
    Yes, this is always the best way to begin every New Year. Our local chapter of the National Guild of Hypnotists, CRCNGH, will be giving a live presentation of our new CD, “Presents or Rocks?”. Looking forward to everyone in the Capital Region of New York, Albany, Schenectady, Troy, Saratoga coming out to discovery hypnosis and how it can benefit one’s life immensely. George Guarino, CH Albany, NY HypnosisWorksWell.com

  9. I would consider us in the publication and participation in the World Hypnotism Day. Day 04, in Chile, free activities for stress management Hypnosis. We Hypnosis Center called “Hypnosis Chile”
    Claudio Reyes Díaz
    Director de Hipnosis Chile

  10. Every year on 4th January, since 2005, all Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist and all hypnotism professionals in all countries have supported this ” World Hypnotism Day”.
    Every body is waiting for 364 days to celebrate the WHD on 4th of January. Let us plan to celebrate WHD by uploading news, events, suggestions on our websites, giving suitable space.
    Thanks to Tom Nicoli
    Prof. A.K. Rathod

  11. World Hypnotism Day 2012 is fast approaching. This marks the 8th annual WHD and more people are getting the safe and natural way to personal change they need to live happier and healthier. Get involved and spread the word…

  12. I’m so looking forward to running my event! Registrations have already started coming in and this is going to be real cool and exciting!
    Thanks Tom for hosting this site and allowing us to spread the word of hypnosis to a wider population!

  13. World Hypnotism Day 2012 is fast approaching. This will be the 8th annual WHD. It’s amazing how this day is becoming more widely known helping hypnosis become more widely understood and accepted. Tell a friend about the WHD website and have them get the free resources available and seek out the services of a reputable practitioner to get you started to be a better you.

  14. What an Honor it is to be a member of the Ngh and to be associated with the caliber of professionals such as Tom Nicoli, and the staff and members of the NGH. The camaraderie of hypnotists around the world promoting this wonderful profession known as hypnotism and helping so very many people improve their lives is a testament to the dedication and committment of so many individuals that have gone before us and also those namong us today!

  15. 2012 Holbrook, NY January 4th – Holbrook, NY
    Keep Your New Year’s Resolution with Motivational Hypnosis
    (A free workshop in honor of World Hypnotism Day)
    at North Shore Hypnosis at the Holbrook Wellness Center.
    January 4th 7:30 to 9:00

    Holbrook Wellness Center
    5000 Expressway Drive South
    Holbrook, NY 11741

    RSVP – 631-737-1510

  16. January is – in fact – a perfect month of motivation for changes. Maby that´s why we call it “New Year’s resolution”? 🙂
    Therefore the date for the WHD could not have been better!

    I am sure that NGH Hypnotherapists all over the world will make this day an informative day in many contries – worldwide.
    In Denmark we have made an official National NGH team – and I am sure that many of us will join forces this day in January – making Hypnosis even more popular and much less mystified…

    Let´s help eachother go out there and help a whole LOT of people in need of our help!
    Is there any things better, than being able to help others getting better – and even be able to earn some coin from it? I think not. 🙂

    Martin Erichstrup Ejby
    Hypnotisør & hypnoterapeut (NGH)
    NLP Practitioner & coach
    Egaa ~ Denmark

    1. Thank you Martin but keep in mind this is not an NGH event. I started WHD for the profession of hypnotism and all hypnotists around the world. My best… Tom

  17. Looking forward to Trance-formed Consciousness participating in WHD 2013 here in Albuquerque, NM! Thanks for all the great resources and inviting those passionate about Hypnosis to educate and empower individuals all over the globe! Blessings to you all!

  18. Tom – thanks so much for your contribution to our profession and the benefit of those that choose to improve their lives with hypnosis. I am very happy to be a part of this awareness project!

    BaltimoreMarylandHypnosis.com is a full service hypnosis practice in downtown Baltimore and proud to be a part of World Hypnotism Day!

    Wishing everyone the best 2015!
    Scott Howard
    410 802-6730

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